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Toro Sentinel Control

The Toro Sentinel System was introduced in 2002 and has established itself in the marketplaces as one of the leaders in wireless communication for central control systems. Sentinel allows the user to communicate to up to 999 satellite controllers wirelessly rather than forcing the customer to install lengthy wire runs that tie field controllers together. Sentinel provides a variety of Central Computer to Satellite communication options, including radio, Ethernet, telephone, cellular, and others, so you can choose the one that best meets your site-specific needs or mixand-match across multiple sites.

Toro’s development focus for the Sentinel Central Control System was to create the most fullfeatured, easy-to-use, and reliable product possible. A closed-case controller module design provides protection against many environmental variables that might negatively impact functionality, but allows easy troubleshooting in the field.

Sentinel Product Guide

Sentinel Controller Manual

Sentinel Software Manual

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Toro defines Sentinel as a product that will watch over your irrigation system and safeguard it against potential problems resulting from excess flow, incorrect programming, varying weather and many other conditions. As a result, the intrinsic value of the landscape is protected, and water waste is minimized or eliminated. The term “Central Control” identifies Sentinel’s ability to watch over a single site or multiple sites in a localized area or across a broad geographic area from one location (computer).

No matter what your central control system requires, from controller enclosures to communications type, Toro’s Sentinel can meet the demand. If a standard Sentinel controller is unable to do the job, Van-Kel can custom-produce exactly what your system needs – just let us know what works for you. Enclosures – not a problem, we understand that every installation is not the same and one enclosure will not fit every situation. Need to retro-fit an existing controller? We can help configure the upgrade. Whether it is solar-powered controllers, a non-standard voltage supply, or any other issue, tell us what you need. We’ll tell you if it’s possible.