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Armada Technologies

Armada Technologies is an independently owned and operated manufacturer of underground electrical testing tools. Based in Caledonia, Michigan (just south of metropolitan Grand Rapids), Armada Technologies has been the irrigation industry's leading supplier of location and test tools since 2004.

Armada Technologies is a company whose mission is to design, build, and support test and tool devices that meet the specific needs of the professional green and irrigation market. Armada has many years of experience in underground wire and valve location as well as irrigation testers. All of Armada´s products are designed to be easy to use, economical to own, and durable enough to stand the test of time. Save yourself hours of time by investing in troubleshooting tools and efficiently determining the cause of electrical issues.

Pro-800 Underground Sprinkler Wire & Valve Locator

The Pro800 Wire & Valve Locator sets a new standard for features and functionality. It has all the standard features of the Pro700 such as the 4000' range but also includes a rechargeable transmitter battery with 20% more power, a wireless broadcast mode for wire tracking, 99% AC interference/buss removal, and null/peak tracking receiver. This device is a "must have" tool for contractors looking to save themselves time while troubleshooting.

Pro-800 Manual

Armada Pro-800 wire/valve locator

Pro-48K Solenoid Activator/Chatterbox Kit

The Pro48 sprinkler solenoid and clock checker is a value-priced tester for irrigation contractors and maintenance personnel. This solenoid activator performs a series of simple procedures to test, verify and identify solenoid, wire and clock problems.

Sprinkler solenoids can be checked using either activation or chatter modes. Lost or buried solenoids are quickly found as well by listening for the chatter or "chatterbox" function. Wiring can be verified and tagged with the built-in tone generator function. Clocks also are tested for proper 24vac output with a simple LED power check.

Pro-48 Manual

Pro48 Kit solenoid activator

Pro-30 Digital Multimeter

A digital multimeter is a basic tester for identifying wiring faults that any contractor should not be without. Armada´s Pro30 Digital Multimeter is very handy for determining if the electrical characteristics of a circuit are in parameter or not. The leads on the Pro30 conveniently snap into the multimeter itself and it fits securely into it’s case.

Pro-30 Manual

Pro30 digital multimeter