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NDS is a leader in sustainable stormwater management, efficient irrigation, and flow management solutions for residential and commercial applications. NDS is proud to provide a carefully designed range of innovative products and solutions to manage the flow of water, and to irrigate your landscape more effectively and efficiently.

NDS also owns Agrifim and Flo Control to provide efficient irrigation solutions through the use of low-flow drip irrigation products. The Agrifim complete line of products includes drip emitters with adjustable and fixed discharge rates, multi-outlet bubblers, fixed flow and adjustable micro-sprays as well as misters. The Flo Control product category features a number of patented products such as the Pro-Span expansion repair coupling, that are distributed nationally and used by market-leading contractors across the country.

Valve Boxes

Valve boxes are manufactured in Lindsay, CA, and span a wide variety of sizes, from 6" round to 17" x 30" rectangular. All boxes and lids contain UV inhibitors for sustained durability and performance in direct sunlight.


Agrifim Drip Irrigation

Serving the wholesale contractor under the brand name Agrifim and the consumer market under the leading retail brand Raindrip, NDS offers drip irrigation and related efficient irrigation products that can cut water usage by up to 70 percent. Drip irrigation is a reliable, easy-to-install, low-maintenance alternative to conventional spray irrigation systems, with solutions available for retrofitting and new installations.

Flo Control

Pro-Span Repair Coupling

Flo Control, another brand in the NDS, Inc. portfolio, offers unique product solutions for PVC and CPVC plumbing systems that address common installation issues found in water connection and control systems. For repair of a broken pipe, the Pro-Span expansion repair couplings have a patented locking feature that makes the repair process easier. Additional product benefits include a dual-seal design to prevent leaking and a glue-well to prevent excess glue from sticking the repair coupling together.